Navy League Websites by NPD
Navy League Websites by NPD Navy League Websites by NPD
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Navy League Websites by NPD
Navy League Websites by NPD
Navy League Websites by NPD
Why Consider NPD?

Over the course of the last decade, Joe Leonard has helped over two dozen charitable organizations turn non-existent and/or irrevelant websites into powerful new tools for advancing a cause, broadening a service, and raising hundreds of...

Navy League Websites by NPD
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Q and A

Here are answers to the most common questions about my NAVY Website Services:

Q. What happens if the webmaster (JRL) unexpectantly falls off the face of the earth?

A. Nothing.  You have full control of your website and domain. When my services formally begin, you  will be provided with pertinent information about your domain, your website and email server hosts.  Using that information, you would simply contact the Hosting Company to request whatever services you desire. Should you need changes that require programming skills, they will assist you with this directly or refer you to  another ColdFusion Programmer. 

Q. Of all the many options available from your program, are there ways to pick from the menu that we would start with until we got more efficient in using the system?

A. Yes.  All the applications are selected from the Admin Console. You decide how "robust" you  want your website to be.

Q. How flexible is the design of the home page?

A. While I have several ready-made "templates" to choose from, I can design a homepage to your design specifications, within reason.

Q. Is it possible to have different people take care of different parts of the website?

A. Yes.  You decide what person have responsibility for specific website content and I grant them permission to modify that content ONLY.

Q. Some content might need to be approved by more than one person.  How do you handle that?

A. When a person updates content that requires multiple reviews, the other named person(s)  receive an auto-email whenever the relevant content is updated.

Q. How difficult is it to add hyperlinks or otherwise modify copy (bold, underline, font size) for any particular page?

A. Once you get familiar with the "tool bar", you will find that there are endless ways to modify content.

Q. We understand that it is the Client's responsibility to maintain content, but what if we have a  special request, perhaps like a custom survey?  Will you do that?

A. Of course, I am always available to assist you with special programming requests.  And there is no charge for this service.  Why no charge?  Because the special programming I do for you might be of interest to another NAVY website.


Navy League Websites by NPD
Navy League Websites by NPD
Navy League Websites by NPD
Navy League Websites by NPD

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